Changes to Garmin software:
only applies to OZtopo V2

Given that V2.1 was last sold in June 2011
and many changes to Windows, MACos, Garmin Software and OZtopo have occurred since then
 we strongly recommend upgrading to the current version of OZtopo.

Garmin has made several changes to their computer software programs, MapSource,
MapInstall (Mac), Roadtrip (PC and Mac), BaseCamp (PC)

PC users:

MapSource - Garmin has released a new version of their computer software, MapSource (6.15.11) which won't allow OZtopo V2 to be displayed or used on your PC. Later versions of MapSource also suffer the same problems. V3 & V4 of OZtopo resolves this issue.

Symptoms are the maps appear locked:
        A warning message during startup may be displayed indicating OZtopo V2.1 Roads are locked
       On the map screen, bottom right hand corner under scale bar "Maps locked" may appear

If this occurs, please check the version of MapSource being used, via Help, About MapSource. If its V6.15.10 or later please down grade to 6.15.7 via these instructions

- has similar problems to MapSource. The correct version for OZtopo V2.1 is V2.0.9 available from here

MAC users:
If you use a MAC you will have to use MapInstall V2.1.0 available from here


GPS Messages:
Some GPS models may display the message "Can't authenticate maps ". If so please use earlier firmware as detailed below:

Oregon V3.30 Firmware - downgrade the Oregon firmware by following the instructions here

Dakota V2.70 Firmware - downgrade the Dakota firmware by following the instructions here

Colorado V3.20 Firmware - downgrade the Colorado firmware by following the instructions here

Zumo 660 V3.50 Firmware - downgrade the Zumo firmware by following the instructions here


OZtopo V2.1b:
If you are using OZtopo V2.1 we recommend upgrading to the latest version.