OZtopo V8.0 Release Notes - December 2015

New and updated with V8:

Added Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs) are parcels of NSW Crown land reserved under legislation for use by travelling stock.
See www.lls.nsw.gov.au/livestock/stock-routes

Updated mapping from Map Data Services as of their Q4 2015 release with additional roads, tracks, pois and National Parks and State forest boundaries.
Net change +1,123 kms

Updated NSW Marine Data - lights, buoys, markers and boat ramps for both costal and inland waterways.

Improved Autorouting - ability to autoroute over longer distances, improved calculation times, auto route over all road/track types.

Updated CAMPS8 locations

Updated Public Toilet locations, 17,000+

Updated Minor Water Layer. This a transparent layer much like the 10m contours. It can be turned on and off, the idea being to reduce map clutter of small streams
and creeks they are not required to be displayed.

**Autorouting Specific Notes:

OZtopo V5 introduced autorouting to the product for the first time at the request of many customers. We have included many improvements in V8 but we feel it worth restating our experiences. There have been many challenges while adding this feature but we believe we have achieved excellent results. However, we understand that while our testing has been as thorough as our resources allow, there may still be errors or omissions in the final product. Please take this into account when using the product and report any errors to support@oztopo.com.au.

Make sure your GPS is set to use unpaved roads, ie untick or turn off the "Avoid Unpaved Roads" setting in the Navigation Options section.

Similarly, within MapSource or BaseCamp (Garmin's computer software) make sure "Avoid unpaved roads" is unticked and the activity profile is to Motor Cycle or ATV (in BaseCamp).
** as of BaseCamp V4.4.6 the Activity Profile of Driving has major routing flaws. We recommend Motor Cycle or ATV or upgrading to V4.5.2 of BaseCamp.

As normal when travelling in remote areas or using 4WD tracks obey ALL signs, private property notices and locked gates. A road marked on OZtopo does not indicate you have right of passage. Weather conditions can severely change road conditions and make some tracks impassable very quickly. Road maintenance on some of these tracks may be non existent so their condition may have deteriated to a point of being impassable.

As a result of any or all of the above, your automatically calculated route may not be able to be used. An alternative route may need to be determined.

Garmin's City Navigator maps offer more POI (points of interest) eg ATMs, accommodation, restaurants etc than OZtopo especially in more populated areas. One of OZtopo design goals was not to compete with these products but to provide more extensive rural and outback mapping. When travelling in these more populated areas and you wish to locate a specific POI, you may wish to use City Navigator.