OZtopo for PC and MAC
Installation instructions.

PC Installation:

  1. Install Garmin's Trip and Waypoint Manger by inserting the CD and following the instructions. If you do not own MapSource aka Trip and Waypoint Manager then download BaseCamp from here
  2. if you are using MapSource, upgrade it to the latest version of MapSource by downloading the upgrade from here
  3. Install OZtopo by inserting the USB flash drive and running SETUP.EXE (double click) and let it complete
  4. Start or restart MapSource (aka Trip and Waypoint Manager) or BaseCamp. Use should now be able to see
    OZtopo in the product selection box - MapSource:

    or under the Maps option - BaseCamp:

  5. Select OZtopo and start planning your trip!

Your done!


MAC installation:

For OZtopo to be useable on a MAC you need to have two pieces of software installed, BaseCamp (from Garmin Website) and MapInstall/MapManager (from Garmin Website) and of course OZtopo maps in MAC format.

The flow looks like this:

BaseCamp (www.garmin.com) ------> MAC

MapInstall/MapManager (www.garmin.com) ------> MAC

OZtopo Maps on USB -----MapInstall-----> BaseCamp

The Steps in detail:

  1. Install Garmin's BaseCamp software by loading it from Garmin Web site: BaseCamp
  2. Install Garmin's Map Installation Software from here, MapManager  Garmin MapInstall for Mac OS X.
  3. Insert the OZtopo USB stick or DVD
    Install OZtopo Maps by browsing the OZtopo USB or DVD device and locate OZtopo V8.gmapi
    Double click on OZtopo V8.gmapi which will launch MapManager.
    The map installation dialogue box will appear - click Install and wait for it to complete
    Launch BaseCamp

    An UNLOCK code is NOT required to install OZtopo V8.0 on your MAC and there are no restrictions on the number of MACs OZtopo can be installed on.

  4. You are now ready to plan trips and transfer waypoints etc to and from your GPS to BaseCamp.